Odyssey 1000 Garage Door Opener Reviews

For convenience purposes having the right door opener for your garage doors determines the overall housekeeping techniques. Some doors are noisy and bang just any how. Well, want to do away with this embarrassment? Odyssey 1000 garage door opener is definitely your solution. Besides it reduces wear and tear of your garage doors,amazing! In this Odyssey 1000 garage door opener reviews, I’ll take you through the features of this door opener,how it works as well as its price in the market.

So, what are the features of Odyssey 1000 garage door opener?

First and foremost, it operates on a DC motor that is completely noiseless,something that everyone wants in their garage. It has a belt drive that provides for the smooth and quite operation of the door. When any object passes through the infra red beam, the door will automatically stop closing then reverses to open. It also provides the power needed for all garage movements whilst continuously monitoring the operation of the door. It also has a system that seeks either 315 or 390 MHZ frequency produced by remotes to ensure that the opener responds regardless of any nearby frequency interference. Odyssey door openers also have 100 watts bulbs that improves on convenience and overall safety. What’s more, it is equipped with a code dodger 2 which is a superior encryption system that enables the identification of a code from the many possible combinations.

What are the advantages of installing this garage door opener?

  1. It is easy to install as it is of lightweight.
  2. It requires only four standardized bolts for purposes of assembly of rail to power head and it also uses menu-based programming.
  3. Ensures garage doors operate smoothly and silently for convenience.
  4. Where physical limitations hinder manual opening of garage doors, they are the best option of replacement.
  5. It has a option of battery back up ensuring guaranteed performance.

The convenience accessories

Odyssey garage door openers comes the following optional accessories for improved performance:

  • wall console. TH sure lock disables remote’s access to the garage for maximum security while the owner is away. They have large push buttons for quality performance of garage doors. It allows for an easy wall-mount installation.
  • three(3) button remote. The remote responds to either 315 or 390 MHZ frequency despite external interference. Also provides a low battery warning as well as a easy battery replacement. Moreover, the remote can operate up to three garage door openers. It uses a code dodger 2 which has a superior encryption system that allows for unique identification of a code.
  • wireless keypad. This comes with a flip cover and enables you control up to three garage door openers. The flip covers are available in these colors:tan, grey, almond and white.
  • battery back up. This enables home owners to be prepared during bad weathers or even in power outages. When power is out the battery ensures your door openers operates normally without interference. It allows the door opener operate at 3.5 inches a second.

The compatibility of odyssey garage door openers with the above accessories makes it outstanding it terms of performance and convenience. You can grab for yourself this odyssey garage door opener at pocket-friendly prices:

  • for legacy 850 1/2 HP belt drive at $360.
  • legacy 850 1/2 chain drive for $335.

In conclusion, I think this odyssey 1000 garage door opener reviews has clearly shown you why you need to install the door openers in your garage all for your convenience and guaranteed performance.