What to do if Your Garage Door Opener Opens by Itself

Your Garage door having a mind of its own is not only annoying, it can put your possessions at risk. But not to worry; there are a few common factors that cause this problem, and below are the solutions to all of them.

Firstly, if this has only happened once, during lightning, don’t worry, it shouldn’t happen again. Your garage door probably received a surge of electricity and opened. This is common as many garages are not as well protected from lightning as houses are, and it is still possible in the most well-protected garages. Continue reading

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Garage Door Opener Not Working After Power Outage

You walk into your garage and try to open the garage door for taking your car out but it seems that the garage door opener is not working due to power outage in your area. Any type of common failure in the house electric circuits or the natural calamities like storm or earthquake can cause the power outage in your house and garage. When situations like these happen then the garage becomes completely dark due to outage and you may not be able to find your way in and out of the garage. Need for knowing the basics about your garage opener and the ability to work on it by yourself will make your skills handy in these types of situations.

Here are some tips which can come in handy when your garage door opener is not working after power outage. Continue reading