Guardian Garage Door Opener Reviews

This is the age of technology and everybody loves new gadgets who would do some work for them without complaining. The technology nowadays is advanced enough to open the garage doors by themselves just in one click because the garage doors are a bit heavy to lift and if you are coming back home and parking your car back in the garage, first you get out of the car, then lift up the door and then go back to the car to park it. It can be really irritating. Garage door opener is just the device for the purpose. So today this article is about Guardian Garage Door Opener reviews.

About The Company

This company provides garage door openers, their installation and some other related products too. Guardian provides very high powered products and are reliable too. Users usually give them positive reviews for the product and its services.

Guardian Garage Door Openers Review

Let’s talk about the Garage door openers openers. Guardian’s MODEL 415 AND 425 are made with a 1/2 HP AC motor whose work is very powerful. The chain and the belt are durable and last very long. They also provide warranties, 5 year warranty for motor and 1 year for other parts. Also a 2 button remote is provided and can be used to open or close the door and with these models.

There is also a “Deluxe Door Control Console” which opens the door, turns the lights on and sets your remote’s security lockout itself. But it does not come with model 415. There is also a music garage door operator. It works quietly with built-in Bluetooth Speakers, typically made for those who spend most of their time in the garage.

The motor has dual speakers from First Chair Acoustics and it can be easily connected to your bluetooth. The volume can be adjusted by your mobile phone. This model comes with a 3/4 HPe DC Motor that is capable of lifting heavier doors easily. The door control console has a microphone and the rest of the features are same as with model 425 and 415.

Guardian is also launching two more models, namely MODEL 715BBU and MODEL 728 BBU which have an optional battery backup power supply. These come with a 3 button premium remote which can open up to three Guardian openers in once. The battery in these to models is visible and can be easily removed to recharge other electronic devices also.

Overall, this is a really good, promising and reliable website to order a garage door opener. Garage openers are a bit costly but they keep you safe from hurting yourself while lifting a heavy garage door. And Guardian also provides you warranty with its products so it’s a good deal. Garage door openers also provides security because no one can go inside your garage without the password and steal things. With the advancing technology, the energy consumption of these openers has also dropped so they will cost you less electricity bill.