What to do if Your Garage Door Opener Opens by Itself

Your Garage door having a mind of its own is not only annoying, it can put your possessions at risk. But not to worry; there are a few common factors that cause this problem, and below are the solutions to all of them.

Firstly, if this has only happened once, during lightning, don’t worry, it shouldn’t happen again. Your garage door probably received a surge of electricity and opened. This is common as many garages are not as well protected from lightning as houses are, and it is still possible in the most well-protected garages.

If this was not a one-time occurrence, check that there is no build-up of snow, leaves etc. in front of the door, as some garage doors will automatically open when pressure is put on them. If there is a build-up of anything there, clear it and give it a few days to ensure you are not still experiencing the same problem. If you are, try some of the other solutions described in this article.

Another reason that you could be experiencing this problem is that the remote for your garage door opener is on the same frequency as one of your neighbors. This means your door opener reacts to their remote, and that every time they open their garage door, yours opens too. To solve this problem you can change the frequency on your remote, so your door reacts to a different frequency. To do this, you will need to access your garage door motor which will probably require a ladder. Once you are up there you should see a small button which says �Learn’ on it. Once you have located this button hold it down until the small LED light next to the button turns off. This will erase the old code that was matching a different control.

Next, you want to hold the same button down again until the light comes back on. Now you should be able to enter a new code. If the light flashes, that means your new code has been accepted and you now have a new frequency on your garage door. Press the �Learn’ button one more time to complete the action and lock in the new frequency. You will need to press a button on your garage door opener remote to sync it to the new frequency, and your garage door should not experience any more interference.

If however, you do not have a �Learn’ button or keypad on your motor, then you will have to start with the remotes. Take the cover off the remote, where you should find switches. Change the switches at random, then match the pattern of switches in any other remotes.

Now your garage door opener remotes are all synced to one another, you need to get up to your garage door motor and open the cover. This is where you should find the same switches as you found in the remote, match these switches to the ones in the remotes. Once the cover is closed and you are safely out of the way, press one of the remotes to test that your garage door is working. Make sure you remember to put the covers back on your remotes to stop the switches getting moved anymore, and you are done!

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