Garage Door Opener Not Working After Power Outage

You walk into your garage and try to open the garage door for taking your car out but it seems that the garage door opener is not working due to power outage in your area. Any type of common failure in the house electric circuits or the natural calamities like storm or earthquake can cause the power outage in your house and garage. When situations like these happen then the garage becomes completely dark due to outage and you may not be able to find your way in and out of the garage. Need for knowing the basics about your garage opener and the ability to work on it by yourself will make your skills handy in these types of situations.

Here are some tips which can come in handy when your garage door opener is not working after power outage.

Situation when you are inside the Garage

When you are stuck inside the garage and suddenly there is a power outage, use your mobile phone’s light to find the garage door opener in the dark. After you find the door opener, you have to disconnect it from the garage door so that you can open the door manually.

For restoring the garage door opener when the power is back

The door of your garage should be closed firmly and in an appropriate way to re attach the door opener to the garage door. Press close button if you have more than one button to open and close the garage door. The close button has to be pressed in these situations. Do not try to interrupt this automated process otherwise the interruption might dismantle the whole process and will start over again.

If you do not have an automated door opener then you have to close the door manually for restarting the system.

Some Garage doors have ceiling outlet where the garage door opener motor is plugged. You have to unplug the door opener motor and put it back after a few seconds. This will reset the circuit board of your garage door opener and will help you in getting the door opener to operate as usual.

Things to consider

Before you do all these re attaching process, make sure the power in your house is fully functioning. Do not restart the circuit when there is frequent outage in your area. Restart only after the power supply is continuous in your house.

Always have an extra emergency light in your garage for times like outage. You can have additional solar electricity which can cover you up during the power outage and these lights minimize your house bills too.

Regular maintenance of the garage door opener should be done in order to know that your garage door opener is functioning correctly. Checking the springs of the door opener and cleaning the dust off the motor can be done to keep the garage door opener in top notch form.

If the door opener eventually stops after sometime then you need a professional to see about the problem. Accidents can occur when dealing with the garage door opener so calling up the garage door system company to investigate will be a better idea if you want to have proper maintenance service.

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